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 D.I.Y sponge filter

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PostSubject: D.I.Y sponge filter   Thu Feb 19, 2009 11:06 am

hey guys i made i a spong filter got a few idaes on the net but this is what i came up with

first step i did was get a emty fish food containor

then i got a peice of clear tubing about 1.5cm in diameter and cut for v shape slits at the bottom and a small hole the same size as air tube hose

then i put the tube in the container and filled it with aquarium pebbles till about half way so that the tube has no pebbles in side of it be carfull when doing this because the hose sometimes falls out lol

and then filled the rest with filter wool

and then i put the air tube hose in the small hole and put it in the tank and it works freat i made a few of these for when a start my breeding set up

hope you liked it Very Happy

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D.I.Y sponge filter
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