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 how airstones work

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PostSubject: how airstones work   Mon Jan 26, 2009 1:11 pm

I've read on many forums about the use of airstones to increase the oxygen levels in a tank. Many people are of the impression that the bubbles the airstone/pump combo produces are actually the factor which increases the oxygen levels in your tank. This is actually not so. In standing water without any movement at all, the oxygen diffusion takes place naturally in only the top 5 centimeters. A filter which takes water from the bottom of the tank and re-introduces it at the top causes a roll-over effect in a tank if the outlet current goes along the top of the water. A spray bar further enhances this effect. Hang-on filters are good too, because the sheet of water which occurs in most brands takes up oxygen very effectively, and if the filter is strong enough to roll the water over, airation is also achieved.
Now we come to the humble, yet very effective airstone! Airstones will create water movement which takes the water from the bottom of the tank to the surface, where the oxygen absorbtion takes place, creating another instance of the aforementioned roll-over effect. The air diffused into the water by the stream of bubbles the airstone creates is actually rather minimal and has a neglible effect on the water's oxygen absorbtion.
Hope that helps gain an insight into what airstones actually do and how water is effectively oxygenated.
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how airstones work
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