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 Neolamprologus leleupi (Orange)

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PostSubject: Neolamprologus leleupi (Orange)   Tue Jan 27, 2009 9:33 am

Scientific Name: Neolamprologus leleupi (Orange)

Pronunciation: n--lm-pr-l-gs l-lp-

Common Name(s): Firecracker, Dutch Orange

Habitat: Shallow Precipitous Rocky Habitat

Diet: Carnivore

Gender Differences: Monomorphic

Breeding: Cave Spawner

Temperament: Mildly Aggressive

Conspecific Temperament: Aggressive

Maximum Size: 5"

Temperature: 77 - 79°F

pH: 8.6

Water Hardness: Very Hard

Difficulty: 2
This variety of leleupi is a German line-bred stock, selected for intense orange to orange-red color and little to no black markings on the lips. It was first imported to the United States by way of Holland and hence received the nickname "Dutch Orange". N. leleupi is a very popular fish in the aquarium due to its bright yellow colouration. It mixes very well with similar sized Lamprologines in the aquarium. In the wild it dine's primarily on insect larvae and crustaceans. In the aquarium their diet should be supplemented with mysis shrimp, krill, mosquito larvae, artemia (brine) shrimp, daphnia or colour brightening food to enhance their pigment. This species shows strong conspecific aggression between the males, normally only one male per tank is recommended for adults. Spawning can take place in rocks, inverted flower pots, or even large shells in the aquarium. They should not be kept with most shell dwellers, as they have a habit of sticking their faces in the shells to suck out the brood. They've been known to (fatally) pull female shell dwellers out of the shells to achieve this.

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Neolamprologus leleupi (Orange)
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