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 Placidochromis sp. "Phenochilus Tanzania"

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PostSubject: Placidochromis sp. "Phenochilus Tanzania"   Tue Jan 27, 2009 9:38 am

Scientific Name: Placidochromis sp. "Phenochilus Tanzania"

Pronunciation: pl-sd--kr-ms fn--k-ls

Common Name(s): Star Sapphire

Geo. Origin: Northeastern shoreline between Makonde and Lupingu, Tanzania and at Kasinda, Malawi.

Habitat: Shallow Sediment-Rich Habitat

Diet: Carnivore

Gender Differences: Dimorphic

Breeding: Maternal Mouthbrooder

Temperament: Peaceful

Conspecific Temperament: Peaceful

Maximum Size: 10"

Temperature: 78 - 82°F

pH: 7.8 - 8.6

Water Hardness: Hard

Difficulty: 1
Males of this species are prized for their white and light blue spots that glitter across the entire length of their bodies. Females possess vertical bars on their flanks but often assume an ''all blue'' coloration as they mature.

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Placidochromis sp. "Phenochilus Tanzania"
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